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Future of Work in IT Platform Launch Event

March 28, 2023 | 10:00 a.m.

Point Hub (Str. General Eremia Grigorescu no. 10)

Seats in the hall are limited.

Event organized by:

Why should you attend?

Come and discover how the platform is addressing the challenges of the tech industry labor market! Experts from technology, HR, top management, and employee representatives propose new approaches and perspectives on the Future of Work concept in a two-hour interactive debate. Live demonstration of the app, case studies, and many other surprises await you at this event.

Event topics:

  • The launch of, an AI platform created by Intelligence Act (, which aims to revolutionize the way of working in the tech industry, both from the perspective of employees and companies.
  • Future of Work – employees’ need for freedom and purpose / corporate challenges
  • How can you work flexibly, only when you feel productive?
  • Organizational culture and external employees. How to find the right mix?
  • What makes a tech employee happy?
  • How can companies ensure a balance between available jobs and the existing workforce?
  • When and why do you hire external employees or freelancers?
  • How does the platform respond to the needs in this context?


About the organizers:

The platform, created by Intelligence Act (, is based on AI technology and allows a high degree of customization of the way employees offer their professional services to employers, in such a way that they get out of the 9 to 5 pattern and combine their professional and personal life as they want.