Build happy teams
right from the start

inctrl is THE sourcing app of the future where the Artificial Intelligence perfectly matches your project requirements with the best available talent.

Stay inctrl

Remember when posting a job ad would attract high volumes of quality candidates?

Those days are long gone. Employees leave when you least expect it and talent is difficult to replace.

You have contracted outsourcing companies to supply consultants in the past, but these contracts are expensive.

Our AI platform can help simplify things for you.

How does inctrl work?

See matching percentages, reviews and profiles of tech talent before making the hiring decision and filter the results based on your requirements or preferences.

  • Specify project duration and volume of work
  • Insert roles, skill sets and number of hires
  • inctrl AI agent finds the most suitable matches

Security is our top priority

We have contracts in place to protect all parties, and we hold 10% of the monthly payments in an escrow account which we release to the consultant once the job is fulfilled. This is a secure method of encouraging consultants to complete the project for the entire duration, so your project needs are met