A Revolutionary Approach to IT Job Searching and Hiring in the Tech World

Imagine a world where you can set your working hours and have the freedom to select projects in line with your professional development needs, skills and lifestyle.

Imagine instantly building talented and happy teams without worrying about where to find the next hire.

inctrl makes it possible.

The demand for tech talent is at an all times’ high, and it will only go up. Times are changing, and people are leaving companies that no longer align with their values. Companies that cannot transform and adapt to accommodate the new trends, die.

Our mission is to revolutionize tech recruitment by creating transparency between consultants preferences and companies needs for talent. Consultants build a profile, define their ideal life, and our AI Agent immediately finds suitable matches. We also make hiring simple for companies by matching talent with project needs.

inctrl is founded by a group of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who realized the need for change as the traditional way of working is unsustainable. We create trust based relationships and provide transparency from the beginning until the end.