IT people,
build work around your life,
not life around your work

Create a profile that reflects what you want, and work on your terms with inctrl, the recruitment platform of the future, created by tech enthusiasts for tech enthusiasts.

Enjoy the freedom to select projects that challenge and excite you – on your own terms. Fully covered by the terms of a work contract.

inctrl: How does it work

How does it work?

Be inctrl and transform your dreams into reality

Endless opportunities to get your dream job, without having to sacrifice your personal life for work.

  1. Create your profile outlining your preferences in terms of expertise, preferred projects and lifestyle
  2. Upload a CV or import your LinkedIn profile in PDF, and let your AI Agent do the work. Our platform will match you with the right companies and projects to fit your requirements.
  3. Manage your dashboard to navigate employers, projects and work styles

Live your life on your terms and get paid for it.

Are you a company looking for talent?

Your time is precious. Forget countless hours posting job ads with poor responses or hoping that recruitment agencies or outsourcing companies will do the work.

Tell inctrl’s AI engine about your needs, and we will match you with available quality talent in real-time.